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PPG is a holding company managing a few subsidiaries; Pixel Play Ventures, Pixel Play Entertainment & Pixel Play Commerce. As a holding company, we challenged ourselves to consistently raise the value of our subsidiaries. We do it by forming strategic partners with companies and individuals that share the same value and aspirations as us. Our business model are tailored to complement each other yet independent of each other.


Pixel Play Group.

As the Halal Industry grows, we will come to encounter new problems and challenges we never face before. New problems requires not only new solutions, but a whole new mindset and approach to innovate a solutions. Our Venture Builder program would provide the platform for such a solution to be innovated through our structured cohorts programs.

We will see it through...by supporting potential companies, products & services with the right mentorship, network and investors. The Halal Industry ecosystem has many gaps that will have to be filled. At Pixel Play Ventures, we accept the challenge and invite you to do the same by creating and and expanding the ecosystem we are in together.

Pixel Play Entertainment is a Malaysian independent entertainment company that specialises in film production, tv production and distribution. An innovative movie studio that envisions itself to be a safe haven for cutting-edge flicks with new age marketing.  With a passion for compelling stories, we develop content that maintain the uniqueness of our regional cultural identity, yet palatable to the international audience.

Tapping into stories and elements that are evocative and compelling to people, Pixel Play Entertainment focuses on film-maker-driven content that transcends genre and language at a modest-budget, offering regional stars and filmmakers a chance to chase their most eccentric and esoteric of muses.


The Global Halal Market is a market too good and too big to ignore. PIXEL PLAY COMMERCE(PPC) was set-up to capitalised on the global halal market potential. Through PPC, we identify potential Halal products in the global market and conduct a market analysis on the feasibility of such products to be either developed, supported, invested, marketed, targeted and so forth.

With special focus and target on China as the potential market, we are carefully developing market penetration strategies through our constant communication with our local partners in China to understand the current business landscape and how we can fill the gaps in the Halal Ecosystem of China and the world in general.




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Access to a network of investors & technology companies in China.

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